Bringing eCommerce and the Community Cloud Together


In case you missed it, a quiet revolution in the world of cloud computing started to take form in 2014. The revolution isn’t the shift in eCommerce that is providing an alternative to the multimillion-dollar, multi-year implementations associated with the traditional big players. The revolution isn’t the focus on empowering customers and giving them more control via a portal or online community. These trends are firmly in place and continue to follow a forward trajectory.

However, the intersection of these two trends with the cloud is where things are getting interesting. Sure, product-related discussions and product reviews have been around for some time. However, now we’re seeing full-featured, collaborative Communities emerging in the context of eCommerce at a fraction of the time and cost that have been required historically.

But enough with the generalities…let’s take a look at an example. In mid-2014, we (CloudCraze) were approached by an executive at Neil Young’s startup company, Pono Music. He had a vision of a “social music store” in which the Pono community would “hang out.” This was ambitious, considering the slew of music-related sites that have Facebook-related functionality available to users. Yet, within a few months, a unique, attractive combination of eCommerce and Salesforce Community Cloud functionality was born at

If you missed the Community Cloud Keynote at Dreamforce 2014 (“Reimagine Customer and Partner Engagement”), take a look at this video. It does a great job showcasing some of the best features that were a part of our implementation:

Pono is the first of three featured companies in the video, so you can just watch the first half. If you’re particularly short on time, you can jump to about 12:00 to get to the good (Pono) stuff. Fun fact: my colleague Anand Subbiah and I are sitting in the front row wearing Pono t-shirts. Can you spot us?

There are a number of Community-related features that showcase what has brought about a bustling group of over 30,000 users in less than six months. Below, I’ll show a quick look at some of the key pages and functionality utilized within the site. Some of the functionality is out-of-the-box and some is custom.

Product Conversation / Follow Product


My Community Home


My Feed


My Profile Overview


My Badges


Topics (Home/Search)


Topics (Detail)


Knowledgeable People


Groups (Home/Search)


Groups (Detail)




Q&A (Chatter Answers)


Community Ranking


Did I mention that the Pono Community has over 30,000 members? Okay, so I did…but it’s worth bringing up a second time. This CloudCraze-powered community has set the bar for fusing eCommerce with the Salesforce Community Cloud. If you want to see more, go ahead and sign up at

CloudCraze is committed to incorporating Communities-related functionality into its product suite and I am sure we’ll see the bar moved even higher in 2015.

Keep checking out my blog to keep up on our latest ventures into the world of eCommerce & Salesforce Community Cloud…